A Message from Our Founder

Inspired by a desire to offer a healthier alternative to people of all ages, I discovered CalyFX, a new, one of a kind health drink that not only tastes great, but is really good for you. As a child raised in the heart of the South Bronx, I found that there was a lack of healthy food choices in our neighborhood stores - a problem that still exists today in communities throughout the country. So, when the opportunity to join the CalyFX team was presented to me, I quickly came on board.

Thanks to CalyFX, communities everywhere can now choose a healthy alternative to those sugary, high caloric beverages that can lead to diabetes, obesity and a number of other health problems. CalyFX is a new broad-spectrum, hemp infused beverage that has no age limitation and can be consumed by everyone for its great taste or for good health, or both!

At Canniwell Industries, we're all about your health, so enjoy!

-Franklin Cruz Founder & CEO